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3.01 Teachers College Record

Projects >> Foundational (2005-2010)

Average time to publication in academic journals is woefully slow. Because of this, research that aims to impact policy is often published too late to have an influence. For example, a large number of papers about the reauthorization of NCLB will be published after the decision is made. To address this problem, EdLab has helped the Teachers College Record (TCR) take some dramatic steps.

  • All TCR papers are pre-published online. Once a paper is accepted for publication, it is sent to a copyeditor and scheduled for online publication.
  • TCR commentaries are online research-based opinion pieces that address important educational problems as they arise.
  • TCR reviews books online every week, thereby covering more of the field than a traditional journal can cover.
  • TCR regularly curates special online issues on timely educational topics that reach an immediate audience.
  • By building a weekly audience, TCR is also able to highlight its historical archive as well as related historical publications like Social Frontier/Frontiers of Education.

Taking a proactive approach to technology has allowed the journal to maintain its standards while also finding a way to speak to educational problems as they happen.