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Welcome! EdLab is a research, design, and development unit at Teachers College, Columbia University. EdLab envisions and pilots knowledge projects for a fundamentally different education sector that is attuned to the emerging post-industrial, information-based world. Learn more about work opportunities at EdLab below, or browse our website to learn more about our work.

What does EdLab do?
Combining the intellectual rigor and freedom of higher education with a results-orientated approach to problems, the EdLab takes on some of the toughest problems facing the education sector.

What has EdLab done in the past?
Working with internal clients at the college, and external clients like HBO, the Lab takes on challenging projects that make an impact. For a full description of our past work, please see our Projects page.

06.01.16 EdLab released the Learning Theater ticketing system to support the invitation and check-in process for Learning Theater events.

02.01.16 EdLab launched Rhizr, an environment for the curation and modeling of learning resources.

12.01.15 EdLab led the design and development of the Smith Learning Theater, an environment for ambitious learning, teaching, and research.

06.03.15 In collaboration with Outward Bound, EdLab received a grant from The College Completion Innovation Fund to participate in "CUNY CREW", an "invasive advisement intervention" to support college freshman.

03.17.15 Working with visiting artist Matt Taylor, EdLab's Collaborative Solutions Group conducted an event based on the Taylor Design Shop method to generate ideas for rethinking the organization of the EdLab environment.

02.26.14 EdLab's Collaborative Solutions Group conducted a series of Design Events to generate ideas for the new Learning Theater being built as part of the Gottesman Libraries.

09.12.13 EdLab sponsored a Seminar Series on Future Libraries and Learning Spaces to highlight the work of innovative thinkers working on enhancing environments for learning.

01.11.13 EdLab completed the first installation of Roomer an iPad-based interface to book rooms in the library.

10.01.12 EdLab launched The New Learning Times to provide daily coverage of the changing landscape for learning.

06.24.12 The American Association of School Librarians designated EdLab's Vialogues.com as one of the 25 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning.

07.01.11 EdLab partnered with the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation to create and support a middle and high school history of rock and roll curriculum. Interdisciplinary in nature, the curriculum aims to extend the study of music to disciplinary areas beyond the embattled music departments of our national schools.

01.01.11 EdLab collaborated with the Social Studies Program at Teachers College to support a curriculum funded by YoungArts on HBO's Masterclass series on world-class artists mentoring high school students.

10.01.10 EdLab partnered with the National Center for Disaster Preparedness on the development of online courses for mid-level managers in the field.

09.30.10 EdLab hosted a Design Event on developing the global infrastructure for adaptive technologies in the education sector.

10.01.09 EdLab collaborated with the Social Studies Program at Teachers College with funding from the Peterson Foundation to develop online and print materials to support a curriculum on fiscal responsibility.

09.01.09 EdLab partnered with Jazz at Lincoln Center to develop online resources to support a curriculum in democracy and jazz.

11.18.08 EdLab received a multi-year grant from the Hewlett Foundation to build adaptive learning tools.

03.05.08 EdLab receives a grant to develop learning tools as part of the HBO Watch It and Learn program.

What is EdLab doing in the future?
The agenda of the Lab unfolds as projects and partnerships take shape. External clients come to the lab through the Collaborative Solutions Group, while projects also emerge collaboratively from Lab workgroups and the mix of creative individuals who work at the Lab.

What is EdLab looking for?
EdLab is looking for people who are interested in doing the hard work of transforming the education sector. We want creative individuals who like working collaboratively, but who also have strong interests of their own and aren't afraid of proposing and managing their own projects.

Who works at the EdLab?
The EdLab is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills. Bringing together researchers, designers, publishers, consultants, producers and programmers, we have a strong, flexible team that is uniquely positioned to take on the problems facing the education sector. For more information about the individuals on our team, please see our People page.

What should I do next?

If you think you are ready to take on the challenges confronting the education sector, please contact edlabjobs@tc.columbia.edu. Attach your resume, describe a match between your background and Lab postions and projects that interest you, and someone will contact you.

Full Time Positions: Click for detailed information.

Software Engineer Software Engineers bring educational and technology expertise and experience to design and deliver new educational software applications. The incumbent will work with a small group of educators and technologists on all phases of the development cycle, including design, specification, development, testing, and delivery.

User Interaction Engineer User Interaction Engineers have expertise in user interface and interaction design and implementation. The incumbent will be expected to work on teams of educators and engineers to help define and complete projects that serve EdLab's clients, with a specific focus on defining the user experience of our products.

Solutions Architect Solutions Architects bring educational and technology expertise and experience together with client-focused consulting skills to design and deliver new educational software applications.

Postdoctoral Innovation Fellow We are now accepting applications for 2017-2018 Postdoctoral Innovation Fellows. Fellows will bring research and development skills in areas such as analysis of large-scale data, live experiments, adaptive learning, and social network analysis to support the creation and refinement of new learning tools and technologies. This is a one-year appointment with the possibility of renewal. The EdLab is organized in small flexible multi-disciplinary teams, including design, engineering, media, product, and research. Postdoctoral Fellows will join the research team and collaborate with others throughout the organization. Accordingly, there is a special interest in candidates who are skilled collaborators, learners, and educators. The EdLab is currently focused on the development of a suite of integrated learning tools (e.g., https://vialogues.com/accounts/signup). Fellows will conduct research to assess the learning impact of these tools, guide their refinement, and work with colleagues to propose additional learning tools as part of a new learning ecology project.

Innovation Fellow Designed as an intensive one year experience, Innovation Fellows propose, design, and implement new knowledge services and products for the College community and beyond.

Video Producer The Video Producer will participate in our multimedia production capacity to support the diverse learning goals of the library, and by extension the various patrons groups that it serves. The Video Producer will be expected to work with teams of educators and designers to help define and complete projects that serve clients, with a specific focus on defining the overall brand and experience of our products and services. A skilled collaborator will be able to leave his or her mark on our entire program.

Learning Applications/Systems Researcher Researchers bring skills in quantitative analysis in online environments, including methods such as live experiments, web server log analysis or remote monitoring and benchmarking. This research will be focused on improving the user experience of existing and new products.

Associate (hourly) and Graduate Assistant Positions: Click for detailed information.

Community Outreach Assistant Community Managers are responsible for keeping our ecosystem of lifelong learners and educators happy and informed They provide timely responses to user inquiries and craft engaging, provocative messaging across all of our social media identities.

Consulting Consulting team members are involved in meeting with prospective clients, conducting background research, preparing proposals, and assisting with design events to meet client needs.

Content Creation and Publishing Content creation and publishing team members are involved in writing and editing articles on the transformation of the education sector and curating related materials.

Services Services Associates help learning communities (including the Teachers College community) become familiar with EdLab tools and a range of library/information services. As part of the Services team at the Gottesman Libraries, they provide customer service and feel comfortable offering assistance to adult learners and researchers.

Front End Web Design Front End Designers work with teams of educators, graphic designers and engineers to help define and complete projects with a specific focus on defining user experience.

Design Designers work with other EdLab staff to create video and multimedia (software: Final Cut Studio, Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects, Flash).

Video EdLab is filling a wide range of positions on the video team. Videographers, video editors, and journalists with an expertise in documentation and a passion for education are all encouraged to apply.

Research and Analysis Research and analysis team members work on a variety of research efforts to examine EdLab and Gottesman Libraries products and services.

Software Developers lead and support the design and development of software technology projects (e.g., adaptive instructional tools, online interactive applications, games, intelligent tutoring system) with an emphasis on web-based applications.

Other Opportunities: Click for detailed information.

The purpose of the EdLab Scholars Program is to offer individuals with advanced experience in the field of education (or related fields) the opportunity to do advanced production work.

Internship Opportunities and the Summer Internship Program The purpose of internships are to give individuals of any age the opportunity to do production and research in the field of education.

See a project-oriented list of Collaboration Opportunities