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Submitted by Gary Natriello on Sat, 2017-02-04 11:01

As we consider improvements to our various applications, we might want to consider some of the points made in the article on journey-driven design. With users relying on a more varied set of devices, including live experience, considering the entire user journey might sensitize us to ways to provide more satisfying interactions.

Gary Natriello Says:
Thu, 2017-02-09 10:23

Great seminar on the journey maps! It would be wonderful to do this again sometime on another project with the full three hours.

Joann Agnitti Says:
Fri, 2017-02-10 13:07

Thanks, Gary! I would love to take people on the full director's cut version of the journey sometime. This was just a taste!

Joann Agnitti Says:
Mon, 2017-02-06 15:38

If you like this, you're gonna love this week's seminar! 😉