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Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Fri, 2014-02-28 10:00

I don't generally dedicate a whole blog post to a single "big box" news piece, however, this video and short article are worth sharing (though sadly not extractable for Vialogues) in relation to our 4th floor reno plans.

New Milford H.S. Library Media Specialist, Laura Fleming (I will pitch her for a NLT Profile), has created a makerspace within her H.S. library. In the video it is clear that this open-ended "space" has inspired at least a few learners to pursue careers in STEM and spawned many interesting "DIY/Maker" projects (fruit-based video game console etc.).

This particular makerspace is interesting for a few reasons:

1) Costs were lowered by soliciting donated 3D printers & maker materials
2) The space will be completely reconfigured every year
3) Learners can visit at any time and are free to explore at will
4) The "space" is really just an open area within a traditional library that features tech "bars" and work tables
5) The "take-apart" station seems intriguing...
6) This space is tied-into Fleming's World's of Learning @ New Milford digital badge/gamified professional development program

Brian Sweeting Says:
Fri, 2014-02-28 14:38

Thanks for sharing, Kate.

When I attended the Beyond Access conference on the future libraries in 2012, a librarian from Utica shared how her library had purchased a 3D printer and was hosting a similar maker space. At the time, some attendees were doubtful that that was worthwhile or replicable, so I'm glad to see more libraries jumping into the maker space. Hopefully this positive press will encourage more making.

Nara Kasbergen Says:
Fri, 2014-02-28 11:32

hooray for Lauras in libraries!

Dana Haugh Says:
Fri, 2014-02-28 10:36

Wow, Kate! This is an incredible find! What an asset this library is to its students and staff! That is such a great idea to have a malleable workspace--I wonder how far into the future they've planned the yearly redesigns. Would be a great space to visit!