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Submitted by Gary Natriello on Sat, 2016-12-10 14:26

Another emerging wicked problem that will require new constellations of individuals and organizations to address is the challenge posed by automation of increasing numbers of jobs previously performed by people.

This is highlighted in an acount of robotization in the fast food industry and the nomination of a leading advocate of displacing people in such jobs to become secretary of labor.

Submitted by Gary Natriello on Sat, 2016-12-10 09:08

In a series of three video clips, Nick Shackleton-Jones discusses two learning elements that are becoming foundational to the work of the library -- experiences and resources. He argues that high impact experiences are important to engage less motivated learners and that high quality resources must be available to be found by more motivated learners.

Each floor of the library is designed to provide settings for learning experiences. The goal is to engage learners who may not be motivated at the moment.

Submitted by Gary Natriello on Sat, 2016-12-03 16:02

AWS has introduced a new service,
to support IoT devices. This will provide IoT devices with processing power even when there is an interruption in the network connection. For a broad overview, see this excerpt from the keynote at last month's AWS re:Invent conference. For more detail see the video below from the re:Invent session on IoT on AWS.

Submitted by Gary Natriello on Sat, 2016-12-03 09:51

Check out this project using 3d printing to create data visualizations for an annual report.

As I think about this approach, I wonder if it would be possible to create both 3d report size versions and Learning Theater size versions of 3d data visualizations to maximize the impact of a data visualization experience?

Submitted by Gary Natriello on Sat, 2016-12-03 09:32

Ideas that become popular inevitably fall into overuse and ultimately misuse. That is why transforming popular ideas for our own use is often better than simply adopting them. Design Thinking anyone?

Dan Saffer: How to Lie With Design Thinking from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

Submitted by Gary Natriello on Wed, 2016-11-23 07:13

Submitted by Gary Natriello on Wed, 2016-11-23 06:52

As we begin to work more seriously with the audio system in the Learning Theater, we might pay some attention to this advice about some basic principles for organizing our audio program. How do you envision the audio environment being activated to enhance learning?

Submitted by Gary Natriello on Wed, 2016-11-16 06:39

Check out this piece on website design to enhance identity. This caught my attention because the first item on the list of key elements of effective design is readable text.

Submitted by Gary Natriello on Tue, 2016-11-15 07:50

Dan Saffer explores the question of invisible design in this short piece that challenges the notion that the best designs are invisible. He concludes that the best designs do three things: make something beautiful, make something easier, and make something possible. Have you encountered anything recently with all three properties of good design?

Submitted by Gary Natriello on Wed, 2016-11-09 07:20