Check-out the #TC125 Button Mural Progress!

Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Fri, 08/23/2013 - 4:06pm.
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Great work EdLab Design Team! The Great Button Mural of 2013 to commemorate TC's 125th is really starting to look spectacular! I am excited to see the finished piece and for the college to get to interact with this special EdLab work of art! In the meantime, here are some in-process shots...

Gonzo 1

Gonzo 3

Gonzo 2

Also... check-out the "Hit the Books" exhibit:


MBA Meet the MSBA

Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Thu, 08/22/2013 - 11:33am.
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NYU Stern recently announced a new Masters of Science in Business Analytics degree. What do you think of this more data/analytics-focused version of an MBA? Which would you choose? Why? Finally, do you feel that a course like this is well-suited to the MOOC format or a hybrid version of an online learning experience?


LinkedIn to Rope-in Teens

Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Wed, 08/21/2013 - 10:27am.
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Is LinkedIn's move towards the addition of teen-focused "University Pages" brilliant or a bad idea? Thoughts? (Thanks EdSurge for this lead!)

I am leaning towards brilliant... as long as:

1) Young people's identities are truly secure

2) There is a sufficient "education" component re: the value and possible pitfalls of social media interaction re: future employment etc.

3) These young people aren't just "ad eyes"

I am excited to track how this new addition to the LinkedIn site grows and develops and impacts a generation of young people for whom finding a job is a HUGE stumbling block. As an avid user and fan of the platform and its power to connect people to each other and new opportunities, I am hopeful. What are your thoughts?


Libraries of the Future...Is Architecture the Key?

Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Fri, 08/16/2013 - 9:58am.
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(Berlin "Brain" Source: Felix Krumbholz)

...the role architecture plays in shaping how today's library is used, accessed and perceived is also building our understanding of how university libraries will be used in the future.

I came across this article from in The Guardian online and thought of our 4th floor renovation project here at the Gottesman Libraries. While not revolutionary in their proposal (and focused almost exclusively on the UK) that the 21st century library will have impressive futuristic architecture, modular elements, noise (with "pockets of silence") and an extensibly infrastructure, it is interesting to check-out the libraries they cite as exemplar of this future focus.


Thoughts from #sciamlearning Summit

Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Fri, 08/09/2013 - 11:34am.
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I was thrilled to receive an invite to Scientific American's (SA) recent #sciamlearning Summit held in conjunction with Macmillan Science and Education at Google's NYC headquarters. The event was organized into panel discussions, intimate 1 on 1 interviews and intermittent break-out sessions.

Speakers ranged from Danielle Carnival from the White House OSTP to Alan Alda,, Jose Ferreira and Peter Norvig. All in all, a rockstar assortment of viewpoints and opportunities to think more carefully about #STEM education and digital learning.

Initial Takeaways:

-EdX and HarvardX are moving in an interesting direction... away from the standard MOOC and more toward a blended "OLA" (Online Learning Activity) model.


Should Teach a MOOC on Headline Writing?

Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Thu, 08/08/2013 - 10:50am.
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Possibly. After reading this article, "Upworthy Goes Viral by Optimizing Optimism." (Itself a great article title) I was inspired to both explore and think further about how we craft tweet, NLT and Vialogues title/headlines! It seems that Upworthy has mastered the art of the 1-2 liner and as a result many of the social good-focused videos they share have millions of "watches" and shares. Upworthy, please create a MOOC re: writing the ideal headline!


Wharton Enters the MOOC Game

Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Tue, 08/06/2013 - 9:54am.
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The Wharton School of Business at Penn recently released their first MOOC on the Coursera platform... "The Global Business of Sports." I discovered this new MOOC while exploring Bloomberg Businessweek's stellar site (quick search for "learning"). Read more Here. Do you feel that the business of sports is an interesting MOOC topic? Does the subject uniquely lend itself to the MOOC style of "massively open" education? What subject areas uniquely lend themselves to this style of learning? Are a bad fit?


"Startup Success Without the MBA"

Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Mon, 08/05/2013 - 10:18am.
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Congrats to EdLab Seminar/Edtech Take alum, Nihal Parthasarathi and his co-founder Katie Kapler, who were recently featured in this article from re: startup founders who found success without an MBA.

The article, which makes the claim that an MBA is unnecessary for startup success is especially interesting in regard to the EdLab's continued explorations of alternatives to Higher Ed and the "UnCollege" movement. Also, recent discovery (and future Profile/NL Sector) Tim Draper's, eponymous, Draper U provides a nice counter-point to the traditional MBA vs. no entrepreneurship training. What are your thoughts? Are MBA's only good for traditional leadership/roles? What are other alternatives? Do they really get in the way of initial startup success?


Google Glass for Classroom Feedback

Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Thu, 08/01/2013 - 11:54am.
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I found this article and video "abstract" (see the vialogue below) focused on a researcher who proposes Google Glass as an effective "Augmented Lecture Feedback" (ALF) tool in a recent EdSurge article.

Do you feel that this researcher could make a good NLT Profile and/or his research could be featured as a Research Digest? What do you think of his hypothesis and proposal that augmented reality and Google Glass could help to create the higher ed classroom of the future?


New York Times Launches first Accelerator

Submitted by Kate Meersschaert on Mon, 07/29/2013 - 11:52am.
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The New York Times has launched their first incubator class as a part of timeSpace. The three companies who will take part in this first cohort include Delve (EdLab seminar alum... check-out their seminar here!), Mahaya and OPBandit. What do you think of this cohort? The Times getting-into the incubation game?

Here is a description of the new initiative from the timeSpace site listed above:

timeSpace is a new initiative from The New York Times that brings entrepreneurs to our headquarters to refine and grow their businesses. Over four months, you and your team will work out of 620 8th Avenue, meet with relevant Times staff, demo your product and teach/learn alongside entrepreneurs and employees who make their livings in digital media, technology and journalism.

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