Conference: First Annual Workshop on Massive Open Online Courses (Moocshop)

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I received the following message re: the upcoming Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference (AIED), which includes a MOOC-focused workshop (MOOCshop no less). How should EdLab best be involved? (EdLab alums/partners - Professor Ryan Baker, Neil Heffernan etc. are presenting). What are potential points of contact? Twitter?

First Annual Workshop on Massive Open Online Courses(moocshop)
July 9th or 13th (pending) - at the Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference in Memphis, TN

The moocshop will survey the rapidly expanding ecosystem of Massive Open Online Courses. We will foster a cross-institutional and cross-platform dialogue in order to articulate and synthesize the plurality of challenges that arise when evaluating and designing MOOCs. While the forms and functions of MOOCs are currently evolving, we aim to develop a shared foundation for an interdisciplinary field of inquiry moving forward.


#NYTechDay... Hey Girl, Ryan Will Be There*

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(Image from @nynjpa & This #NYTechDay post)

#NYTechDay is billed by organizers as the "world's largest startup expo... read their official description below. Hundreds of startups across a wide range of verticals (including #edtech) will have booths set-up at Pier 92 to share their work, network with VC's and potential employees. Lets get a team to #EdLabRepresent!!! Here are my goals for attendance:

1) Gain new outreach contacts
2) Learn re: the NY Tech community
3) Meet press contacts
4) Meet potential EdLab team members

If you are interested please check with Hui Soo (during work hours!) and add your +1 below!

NY Tech Day is a massive science fair for entrepreneurs to exhibit their startups to thousands of consumers, investors, first adopters, job-seekers, major companies, press and media.


Gender Bias in Data Viz Conferences

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As a data viz and gender equity fan, I was especially interested in this recent Information Aesthetics blog post. Women are only equally represented at a handful of data viz conferences and I hope that through work done by the women of EdLab (Sharon & Janice) will help contribute to balancing the gender divide in this field. What are your thoughts? Why are women underrepresented in both technology AND data viz?


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Event Recap: Cory Booker Taping @ Reuters Studios

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(Mayor Booker getting warmed-up in the Reuters TV studio)

An Hour with the Texting, Tatooine & Trek-positive Mayor of Newark
Yesterday I had the privilege (Thanks to the Center for Social Innovation!) to be a part of a #TechTonic taping for @ReutersTV at the Reuters studios in Times Square. (Here is my original blog post re: this event)

The Reuters studio was a beautiful, intimate space with room for only 20. This "intimacy" really allowed the audience to be a part of the interview... so much so, that we were given the "spotlight" to ask questions on-camera at the end (more on this below!).

So many take-aways... here are a few:


Event Recap: NYEdTech Meetup @ Knewton - "Sprechen sie EdTech - an International EdTech Panel"

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Int EdTech

Check-out my original post here for more details on the panelists and the event. Overall, this meetup was interesting and well organized (NYEdTech is really rocking the EdTech Meetup scene!).

NOT Max Headroom
However, my only suggestion would be to cut-down on the length of the panel discussion and build-in a bit more time for networking. However, the quality of the panelists was really great and included a successful "virtual" participant (see pic) who used Google+ to successfully participate from London. I was especially impressed that this integration of a "virtual" participant seemed to be seamlessly integrated into the event and didn't feel Max Headroom-esque AT ALL!!!


Cory Booker Taping @ Reuters Offices Later Today

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I am excited to attend a taping at the Reuter's offices in Times Square for their tech-focused video series Tech Tonic (New name inspiration for EdLab EdTech Takes/Talks?!!) with Mayor of Newark and Teachers College trustee, Cory Booker. I am especially excited as I recently wrote about Booker's role in founding #waywire, the social video sharing platform for young people. #waywire has been billed as a web-based "MTV" for digital natives.

I am thrilled to both represent the EdLab and learn more about Booker's plans!

From the event description:
Tech Tonic: Interface, the flagship tech video series from

The event will consist of an in studio interview with Cory Booker in our studio overlooking Times Square.

The Honorable Cory A. Booker, 42, is the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, the largest city in the State of New Jersey. Mayor Booker is presently serving in his second term. Mayor Booker is also a cofounder of the technology startup Waywire, not to mention a prolific Tweeter.


Infographic: Women & Math

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Your thoughts?
Embedded below is an interesting infographic tracking *some* research into gender and math performance. Do you feel that the studies they cited are an accurate representation of this issue? Is it effective to also provide examples of lesser known, but highly important, female mathematicians?

My thoughts...
Overall, I found the information provided to be interesting, if slightly random. The only issue I would take with the creators is to more specifically substantiate the last suggestion for engaging women in math: "Show girls & young women how math can be applied solve real-world problems." This seems to perpetuate the stereotype that women cannot handle the hard sciences or complex, theoretical problem sets.

Also, the Girl Scouts are NOT a stellar example of engaging young women in STEM (although they have feebly added STEM-related badges like "flowers"). A better example would be groups like Girlstart and even the Federation of Galaxy Explorers or First Lego League (All current or upcoming NL Sectors to appear in

Brilliant Minds: Women in Mathematics


Live Blog: Daphne Koller & "The Online Revolution: Learning Without Limits"

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Megha and I are sitting in Butler Library waiting for the @CCNMTL-sponsored talk to start... Koller is greeting CU reps as an army of camera's waits behind us.

We just had a moment of silence for the victims of the attack in Boston before starting the discussion.

Join today's discussion on Twitter: #CUKoller



Daphne Koller @ Butler Library Tomorrow!

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Last year Manav & I attended a talk, "Coursera & The Online Revolution: High Quality Education for the 100%," at Columbia University's Davis Auditorium featuring Daphne Koller, co-founder of Here is the live blog post I wrote!

This year Koller returns to CU for a talk entitled, "The Online Revolution: Education for Everyone." *Slightly* new title this time and it will be interesting to report-back as to whether or not her views changed over the course of a year running the world's largest MOOC provider.

The talk is free and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis!


Date & Time: April 16, 2013 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EDT
Location: 203 Butler Library

Look-out for the live blog posts (fingers-crossed I get a seat or standing room)!


#NYEdTech Meetup Tomorrow! Sprechen sie EdTech - an International EdTech Panel

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Join me tomorrow night at Knewton for this edtech panel focused on international edtech. If you can attend, please register and add your +1 below, if you cannot, look-out for the live tweets! ;)

Panelists will include:

* Nick Novak, Arbor Education, Head of Customer Operations
* Harlyn Pacheco, Qlovi, CEO
* Jay Chakrapani, CK-12 Foundation, President
* Justin M. Trupe, Uncommon Schools, Assoc Dir of IT Apps...

I am especially excited to hear Jay speak as I recently wrote a Profile on the founder of CK-12, Neeru Khosla (Vinod's wife).

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