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EdLab is a research, design, and development unit at Teachers College, Columbia University. EdLab envisions and pilots knowledge projects for a fundamentally different education sector that is attuned to the emerging post-industrial, information-based world. more >>
At the request of the Provost and President of Teachers College, EdLab produced a design event to mobilize key individuals at Teachers College to develop plans for an institutional effort to support recent graduates in teacher education programs during their first years of teaching. The project included extensive background research, development of print and multimedia resources, and the convening a full-day collaborative design session.
The EdLab Seminar is an ongoing forum for dialog about everything that is potentially of interest to the lab. Members of EdLab use this forum as an opportunity to invite special guests to join our community and share ideas, as well as discuss ongoing work in the lab and the educational sector in general. To participate, researchers, students, and other guests are invited to contact the lab for more information. Please see our Events for more information on past and future seminars.
EdLab has developed a series of online courses that organize a variety of content assets created at Teachers College to provide foundational learning in key areas of education.