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EdLab is a research, design, and development unit at Teachers College, Columbia University. EdLab envisions and pilots knowledge projects for a fundamentally different education sector that is attuned to the emerging post-industrial, information-based world. more >>
The Automated Author Feedback Tool (AAFT) provides real-time machine generated feedback to authors submitting papers to the Teachers College Record for the purposes of improving submission quality. This feedback is based on data mining seven years of feedback on papers that have been rejected for publication. By pre-screening proposed articles prior to final submission, the system can provide authors with concrete suggestions for improving their papers.
The Adaptive Learning Opportunities Project is conducted a comprehensive examination of adaptive tools and practices for teaching and learning as a foundation for a redesigned educational system that provides more personalized educational experiences for learners. The project is conducting a survey of the current landscape of adaptive learning theories and approaches. In addition, the project is involving various stakeholders in design sessions to generate ideas for new infrastructures to support adaptive learning opportunities.
The purpose of the EdLab Scholars Program is to offer individuals with advanced experience in the field of education (or related fields) the opportunity to do advanced production work in the field of education. Over the course of a residency, scholars may participate in many of EdLab's innovative development activities. If you are interested in a residency, please complete the application below.
Submitted by Brian Hughes on Sat, 2016-09-24 22:46

Just sharing some ideas about what we're up to as we prepare to roll out the new "Learning Theater" service to the TC community (and beyond!): see my post over on my Pressible site, Art as Work.